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The Proposals

Our owner is supportive of the bioremediation process which is currently being undertaken in the former Esso site and the proposed re-routing of the A814 (more details via the links at the bottom of this page) to also serve as an access road to new industrial and residential developments. However she sees no need for the plans to include our field - and we hope once you've read her comments you'll agree with her reasons and offer us your support.

Our Owner's Comments:

My name is Susan and my field was not bought as an investment, it was to give my 4 ponies a home. It provides peace of mind that I never need to worry about being able to afford them if my finances take a downturn as they will always have a home, one I paid for with my own money.

This field is greenbelt and as well as a home for my ponies it is a place where I carry out a lot of projects to help wildlife. I have planted over 200 trees, a rosehip hedge, am in process of renovating a wildlife pond which now has frogs and newts in it and I have also planted a wildflower/ wildgrasses meadow. Bird and bat boxes are in the future plans too (well they were until the Council came along…).

My ponies are the ones who have been fed carrots by yourselves over the years and which your children and grandchildren - and maybe even yourself - have had pony rides on. 


These ponies are my pets and I expected them to have their field for life. Buddy is now quite elderly and he won't be able to cope with the loss of his friends if they have to be split up. Lady is even buried here and when the time comes I expected to also be able to bury her friends right next to her. Her grave will be desecrated if they take my field away from me and I can’t bear for this to happen.

All of this is in danger and I may not even be able to afford to keep my ponies long-term if I lose my field.


The Council could make a minor alteration to their plans to leave my field alone if they wanted to. Jim McAloon, their Head of Regeneration had initially stated: "There are other avenues in terms of compulsory purchase orders if we don’t get the land. I would be looking to our experts to avoid that where possible. I would be asking how can we design the road to make it less painful for landowners in the area.” However in his report to the Council meeting of 5th March 2018 (see page 41 of link 1 below) he has subsequently said: "From knowledge to date it is likely that one of the landowners will not be supportive of the road layout. Officers will come back to Council to seek approval to conclude the purchase of land and only if necessary may seek permission to commence the compulsory purchase order process."

We need as much support as we can to ensure our field is saved (more details of how you can do so on the "Support" page).

Site Plans/ Details of Proposals:

Unfortunately for copyright reasons no drawings can be included in this page. However the links below will give you more information and show you site plans. Note: the links will open in a NEW PAGE of your web browser - just close it to return to this one).

Minor Amendments: The first of the links below shows the minor amendments the the proposed layout, as presented to West Dunbartonshire Council Members on 5th March 2018. However the route still goes through our land and over our pony's grave and we will continue to fight to save our field.

1 West Dunbartonshire Council Website - most recent proposed route is indicated on page 44 of the Agenda.

2 West Dunbartonshire Council Website
  (once on the page scroll down to the bottom)

3 BBC News

4 Clydebank Post

5 Dumbarton Reporter

6 Scottish Construction Now

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