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Just to give you an idea of the response you will receive from the WDC Planning department once they've received your submission, here are some extracts:

• All representations will be summarised into a series of issues and the Council will respond to all representations on an issue by issue basis. 

• Once this stage is complete and the Planning Committee has approved all responses, the Council will ask the Scottish Ministers to appoint an independent Reporter to undertake an examination of all representations received. 

• After 23 November 2018 there will be no further opportunity to add to your representation unless invited to do so by the Scottish Government Reporter. 

• Should the Reporter require further information then they will contact you directly. You will also be notified by the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals when the Report of the Examination has been published. The Examination Report is binding on the Council unless certain circumstances are met. 



















Once again, many thanks for your support! 

Susan and the ponies.

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