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Charlie Magee


Charlie Magee is a 10 year-old Shetland pony.

He has been part of our family for 2 years now.


He came to us as his own family were selling up so we welcomed him into our family.


He is Morven's best friend.



Morven is a 12 year-old
Highland pony (a breed ranked "vulnerable" by the Rare Breed Survival Trust).


He came all the  way from Aberdeen 8 years ago to make us a family again after our other friend Glennor passed away.


He is the greediest pony ever, loves carrots and tries to eat everyone else's dinners.




Whiskey is our newest arrival, a 12 year-old Dartmoor Hill pony who has found a best friend in Buddy.


He was born out on the moor and lived there as a baby before being sold at auction and ending up at the Dartmoor charity where he was staying until a new home could be found for him.




Buddy is a 26 year-old Shetland pony.

He is our old-timer and he's been with us for over 20 years. He is a very special little pony with a great show career in his youth but had been badly treated before he came to us by auction.


He is quite wary of people and very protective of his friends. 

Lady's Resting Place


This is Lady's final resting place.


She was nearly 35 years old when she passed away, which is a great age for a pony.


She stayed with us for 29 years and is still missed by all who knew her. 

RIP Flossie


Flossie sadly passed away in October 2017. 


A 13 year-old Shetland pony, she was a brood mare before she came to live with us and had 4 babies. She wasn't needed any more by her previous owners so she came to us to help us get over the passing away of Lady. We all loved Flossie. She could be a bit impatient but was a very gentle soul.

Why We Might Lose Our Field


West Dunbartonshire Council are planning to take our owner's field away from her if she will not willingly let them have it. She does not want to do so as it's our home and our friend Lady is buried here.


Please read through our website for more information and to see how you can offer us help and support - it will be very much appreciated!

Buddy, Morven, Whiskey and Charlie Magee

Urgent Attention Required


West Dunbartonshire Council have damaged our land once again.


A few weeks ago when visiting the field we were horrified to find extensive damage which included damage to our own private road, destruction of trees, dumping of rubble and many fence posts and wire fencing damaged.


I contacted WDC who denied having caused the damage so I informed then I was calling the police.


The police investigated this and lo and behold WDC had to admit that it was  WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE COUNCIL THAT CAUSED THE DAMAGE.


They never asked for permission nor gave any prior notification that they were going to be on our land . They were repairing something adjacent but not actually on our land and therefore had had no real  reason to be on our land causing such damage.


Now they’ve admitted it they've sent me a claim form and were now claiming for it on the WDC insurance policy.


Here's a photos of some of the damage:

Photo 1 - just one of the damaged fence posts – around 17 were damaged or loosened

Photo 2  - damaged road  - dug up and partially replaced with gravel:




Susan & Graham from the Save Our Field campaign.


Little Buddy our oldest resident was 30 years old recently.


He had a party with his pals and got a lovely cake made out of turnip and sugar free polos which he scoffed.


Little Buddy has one wish and that’s to have a home for life something which West Dunbartonshire Council doesn’t care about.  They want to dig up his horsey pals and take away his field.


Shame on you WDC.

Susan & Graham from the Save Our Field campaign.

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