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Here's where our lovely field is located...

But we don't just stay in our field...we take part in events throughout West Dunbartonshire. 

Here's Charlie Magee and Flossie helping out at a Scottish Canal's activities taster day.

With us are two volunteer zoology students, Rachel and Leah, who will be helping with the conservation/ wildlife projects which are planned to take place in our field during the summer.

Here are some other quotes from people whose lives have been touched by us:

"I love coming to help with the ponies and the field, its the only place I can get to do this."  


Amy, aged 10

“My name is Linda and I've been helping with the ponies since I was a child. I'm now a mum and my own children are coming to the field for nature activities, fresh air and to ride the  ponies."

"I work in the  independent living sector and our group of service users came to this field to refurbish the  pond in order for it to attract wildlife such as frogs and newts. It was a great activity for them to be involved in and they would love to be able to come back and do more.  


I also regularly bring down another  service user who has helped with the nature projects and also with the ponies. She loves to come and help and to take the ponies out walks, this helps with hand to eye co-ordination, her fitness, confidence and social skills. It has been of huge benefit to her."

Jackie, Care Worker

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